Monday, December 17, 2012

Year One. Day Sixteen: "Scrooged" (1988)

Day Sixteen of my Advent Christmas Carol Challenge:

"Scrooged" (1988)

Bill Murray is in charge for this inexplicably popular modern retelling of Dickens' Tale.

I've never understood the appeal of Bill Murray, and this movie is certainly no means to help explain it. As always, Murray's performance is either completely flat, or forced hysteria, with nothing but glimpses of awkward embarrassment when he tries for anything in between.

He is joined by a bunch of particularly obnoxious ghosts in his quest for redemption, along with a handful of very forgettable characters that are given nothing to do but roll their eyes as they take abuse.

The plot is easily the most messy and confused I have seen so far. The story is no longer about Scrooge's rehabilitation, but a series of unfunny, noisy and empty skits, interrupted by shrill and underwritten time travelling ghosts.

Worst of all, Murray's final redemption does not turn him into a better man, or even a more interesting character, he instead becomes a lunatic, having a public breakdown on live TV and then not doing anything to properly rectify his past misdeeds.

Considering I had heard such great things about this film, from people whose opinions I trust, I was severely disappointed.

As hilarious as dead Tiny Tim's chair and crutch beside the fireplace.

"Scrooged" (1988) 1/5

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