Monday, December 17, 2012

Year One. Day Fifteen: "A Carol Christmas" (2003)

Day Fifteen of My Advent Christmas Carol Challenge:

"A Carol Christmas" (2003)

Direct from Hallmark TV comes this Tori Spelling vehicle. While the terms "Hallmark" and "Tori Spelling" may not promise much, this adaptation surprised me by being... not terrible.

Despite what people may say, Tori Spelling is actually a great actress when she's doing this lightweight, throwaway fluff.

She plays the "Carol" of the confusing title; a hard nosed talk show presenter, who bullies and mistreats her production crew, until one afternoon (yes, afternoon - this version is inexplicably set entirely during the day) she takes a nap and is visited by the ghost of her deceased aunt Marla.

There's fun to be had with the celebrity ghosts, (Gary Coleman, William Shatner) and the whole thing is well meaning enough.

Unfortunately, it seems to have been filmed entirely in a single corridor and a dressing room, which gives the whole production a very cheap, very rushed feel.

As snappy and forgettable as a Christmas cracker.

"A Carol Christmas" (2003) 2/5

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