Monday, December 17, 2012

Year One. Day One: "Barbie's Christmas Carol" (2008)

Day One of my Advent Christmas Carol Challenge:

Today I watched "Barbie in A Christmas Carol."

I had very low expectations of this one, to say the least. The animation was serviceable, as was the voice cast, but the movie had to jump through so many hoops to ensure that "Mattel Product Barbie", as Scrooge wasn't a total bitch, (instead, Barbie plays the role of Eden Starling/Ebenezer Scrooge, rather than IS him.)

However, the story is not badly told and young girls will probably enjoy it, depending on their tolerance for Barbie and huge quantities of pink on screen at all time. There are also some fun references to other Dickens books, which I appreciated.

I was surprised to find myself a little touched by the ending - but that is certainly because "A Christmas Carol" is one of those unsinkable stories that is almost impossible to get wrong!
As Gentle as being tucked into bed by Mrs. Cratchit. 

Barbie in a Christmas Carol: 2/5

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